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Integration: Books, Bats, and Beauty
Monumental bronze public art commission.
Installed at Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL.
Dedicated 2004.

Integration – Baseball Player

Representing Fred Flowers, the first African-American athlete at Florida State.
Integration – Homecoming Princess

Representing Doby Flowers, the first African-American elected Homecoming princess at Florida State University.
Integration – Student

Representing Maxwell Courtney, the first African-American to graduate from Florida State University.

Artist’s Words:
This exemplifies a project where I was given an idea, to commemorate integration at the University, and created a concept and visual image to convey the idea and message. After talking with many people that were at the University at that time, including Doby and Fred Flowers, certain attributes transcended all others: pride, honor, and the unity of that small group of strong individuals who made personal sacrifices towards a more tolerant educational environment. The baseball player looks towards the athletic fields, the student towards the classroom buildings, the Homecoming princess towards the Student Union, and they all look out for one another.